Bar modelling

Kingsleigh primary have started to use the bar model as a useful tool in solving maths problems.

The year 6 children have experienced the bar model for a couple of years now, and they have found it particularly useful when asked to tackle complex, scenario based problems. We have used it extensively in tackling percentage, ratio and fraction problems, and it is a really useful visual aid to help children improve their understanding of a problem, and therefore help them to solve the problem.

This week, we have used the bar model to solve multi-stepped problems from the curriculum. The children used sugar paper and in pairs, they worked through the problems , explaining each step to each other as they went.

One of the problems is below. See if you can solve this at home…. You may need the bar model!

“Mr Smith’s bag is 15kg heavier than Mr Sampson’s. Mr Sampson’s bag is double the weight of Mrs Andrew’s bag. Altogether they weight 69kg. How heavy is each bag?”