Biography of Mr Lumber!

Year 3 have been learning how to write biographies.  We had a think about who the children would like to learn more about and what better person than Mr Lumber!

So on Tuesday, Year 3 had the chance to think of some open and closed questions they would like to ask Mr Lumber. The children were then all ready and excited to ask Mr Lumber their questions on Wednesday.

Mr Lumber welcomed all questions and we got to know him well! The answers that Mr Lumber gave the children were very detailed and helped the children to learn all about him.

From this interview, the children were able to categories their information into categories, which gave the children the ideas for their subheading in their biography writing lessons.

These subheadings were- childhood, adulthood, work/occupation, family life and hobbies.

It is fair to say that Mr Lumber has had an exciting life so far and we would like to see him surf! (as that is one of his favourite hobbies!)

Well done Year 3 for all your great questions and to Mr Lumber for sharing his life so far!