Bourne Academy Taster Day

On Thursday, Year 5 were lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the Bourne Academy so that they could experience a little of what secondary school is like. They got to try out a range of lessons.

In English, the children compelted a piece of writing about, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In Prodcut Design, the children build structures using marshmallow and spaghetti!

In Outdoor Education, the children decorated bug boxes and then scavenged for materials to fill them with.

In Science, the children learnt about carbohydrates. By using iodine, the children were able to distinguish which foods had carbohydrates in. They then wrote a healthy meal plan for someone at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Finally, in Dance the children practiced a range of poses and the movements between them.

The children had a really fun day and are all looking froward to getting to use the amazing facilities that Secondary Schools are able to offer!