Can you help us Reception?

Reception have come back after Christmas ready to learn and have found we have a problem! Ryder (from Paw Patrol no less! ) visited us last Friday as he urgently needed our help. Ryder brought the worrying news that the pups were ill.

All the pups have very important jobs, such as putting out fires and making people better if they are sick. With the pups ill Ryder asked us who he could turn to for help. The children shared their ideas such as firefighters, doctors and police officers.  Ryder also left us a box that he needed us to keep safe until the puppies were better. Unbelievably, we came in after lunch to find that the box had disappeared.  So we have been thinking carefully about the people around us who might help us. We were very lucky to have a visit from the police this week . They even brought their car and showed us lots of different things that it could do. Can you imagine how loud their police siren was? We thought it was super loud and some of us even wanted to cover our ears!


The police also told us about lots of different ways they can help us and what we can do to help them.  We all listened really carefully and were able to think carefully and answer their questions.

Amazingly, the police have also helped us to use the clues we have found around our classrooms to solve our mystery and find out who stole those important boxes. We are shocked to report that Thelma Three was to blame! The clue of the jam tarts really helped us and the police. We can also now tell you the number we might need to phone if we ever need the police.

We we will hopefully be meeting lots more people who help us this half term.

We wonder who we might meet next!