Carnival of the Animals Comes to Kingsleigh!

 What an incredible beginning we have had in Year 5! On the first day at school, our children were given clues as to their Arts Week topic. During our Year Group Assembly, we were able to discern that it was Carnival of the Animals! Every day, the children have been listening to a new piece of music written by Camille Saint-Saen reflecting on words, images, instruments and emotions. After that, we created artwork based on the animal from the music.

Our first day was the March of the Lion. We discussed words and phrases we associated with lions and looked closely at photographs. We discussed the focal point of the artwork we would create that day and decided that the lion’s eyes were the most important. Next, we discussed how, as artists, we look to see the shapes which form a creature, rather than try and draw it from memory. This took a long time, but it paid off! We then used charcoal, pastels and paints to create our lions in different styles.

The next day, we listened to the beautiful, melancholy melody of The Swan. We discussed how mesmerising a swan’s wings and feathers are and how we could possibly recreate this in our art. We created careful, fine drawings from our observation skills, and used shading to create depth in our art.


Fossils were the focus of our next day, and using ink printing and polystyrene, we were able to create finely patterned artwork. Lastly, we looked at marine creatures in the music, Aquarium, using our knowledge of watercolour washes and zentangling to create our beautiful pictures.

All of the teachers and TAs are very excited to create our final display and are so proud of what an excellent start to Year 5 we have had – well done!