Celebrating Difference

Our unit of Jigsaw PSHE last half term was Celebrating Difference. The children learnt to celebrate our similarities and differences in lots of areas through their learning across the school. For our Jigsaw Celebration Assembly, Year 3 shared how they have been learning about similarities and differences between their families.

Their work demonstrated that whilst their families are not all the same, they are all very important to them. Their family descriptions included ‘made of gold,’ ‘love’ and ‘supportive, caring and respectful’ – all very positive and clearly all very important.

Year 3 also explained how they have been learning about the ‘Solve It’ method to resolve conflicts at school. This includes listening to each other, agreeing a resolution and shaking hands. A lovely way to resolve situations!

Year 6 also shared some of the ways they have been learning to Celebrate Difference. They have learnt about Ellie Symonds – an inspirational disabled Paralympian- who overcame her disabilities to win Gold for England. They described how they have been inspired by her determination, resilience and aspiration.

The whole assembly reflected our school values incredibly well. The children demonstrated the importance of all respecting each other, just like Rizzy Respect. They reasserted how everyone should feel important and included, in line with our Planet Belonging value. They were inspired by others who sought to overcome their differences and difficulties, and who demonstrated our Astro Aspiration value. We are very proud of our children’s learning in Celebrating Difference.