Challenging Maths!

The children in Year 6 have been exploring problem solving techniques, and challenging themselves in some unusual Maths lessons. In the first lesson, we looked at the progression of mathematical patterns, where the children had to predict and calculate what the next stage in each pattern would be. It was interesting to hear how each child had interpreted the pattern, and what visual changes they could see happening, as there was often more than one way of solving the problem.


As you can see from the photos above, the class discussion soon became detailed and complex, and the children even began forming algebraic expressions to help calculate what the 10th stage of the pattern would look like, what the 100th stage would look like, and what the ‘nth’ stage would look like. This required a lot of perseverance and peer discussion, and we were proud of how well the children collaborated in a tough lesson.

As the week progressed, the challenges became more challenging. Keeping with the theme of problem solving through using patterns, the children then spent time constructing the tower below, which was a challenging and fun task in itself! They had to then work out how the underlying patterns of the tower, and how it grew. The children were soon involved in a debate, as the pattern changed depending on the angle you viewed the tower from, and many soon realised there was more than one answer to the problem. What also made this task unique, was the fact that the children were not given the 1st or even 2nd stage, and they had to work out what earlier and future stages would look like.








We were impressed with their problem solving skills, and the enthusiasm they showed when faced with complex maths challenges. Well done Year 6!