Charity Day

Yesterday, the whole school took part in our charity day to raise money for each of the school’s eight houses chosen charities.

The house captains had worked hard in house meetings over this half term to think about how they would like the day to run.  During our last house assembly, they asked all the children what they would like to do to raise money and then held a vote.  The winning vote from each house went forward to be part of the day.

All the children had been told they could bring in money to spend and that all the money raised would go to their chosen charities.

In the morning, the house captains worked hard helping to set up the stalls and activities that they had chosen to run.

At 10.30, the whole school went out onto the playground (thankfully, in the glorious sunshine) to enjoy!  There were loads of different activities for them to try from the floss challenge and the big blue bundle to a penalty shoot out and nail painting.

As well as that there were also lots of snack stalls for the children to enjoy from juice to cakes to ice pops!

Well done Kingsleigh another super day and a massive thank you to our wonderful parents who supported by donating cakes and  money to the day!