Crazy Creatures visit Year 4

We have been extremely lucky in Year 4 because not only have we visited Monkey World, we have also had a visit from Crazy Creatures. Year 4 staff were so impressed with everyone’s behaviour and the respect shown towards the animals.Everyone was really excited to see which animals had been brought into school.

First, we held a cockroach. Some children were nervous and only stroked him. We learnt about the importance of them in the food chain and where they live in the rainforest. They are found on the forest floor and will eat anything that has died and is going mouldy.


Next, we held a millipede. She was bright red and has two hundred legs. Some children thought it was a very ticklish creature to hold but a very pretty one too. They also live on the forest floor but climb up trees to the understorey layer to get food.

After that, we were introduced to a tarantula. Unfortunately as this was a venomous spider we had to look with our eyes and not touch. She did not come out of her enclosure. We were informed that she lives alone, as if she was introduced to a male she would eat him.

The next animal we saw was a snake. It was a beautiful python and we were allowed to stroke and hold him. He was very long and inquisitive. Snakes are found in the understorey layer of the rainforest as they are able to climb and hang onto the vines. They have incredible strength.

There were lots of other animals that we got to see and find out about but the most exciting part of the workshop was when we were introduced to an owl. Everyone had to be silent, as she was very shy. Birds live in the canopy and emergent layers of the rainforest at the top because they can fly incredible heights.

We learnt a lot of information about the layers of the rainforest and the animals who live there. It was so much fun to be up close with some of these animals. Thank you Crazy Creatures for a great morning.