Cuisenaire Exploration

Year 4 have been learning all about fractions and the cuisenaire rods have really helped secure their understanding.


On day one the children were told that the red rod was one so what would the white rod be, light green rod and so on.

It was great to hear the discussions that went on and how simple fractions became for the children. They found out that the white rod is half the size of the red rod which means it is 1/2 which is one out of two equal parts. The children really enjoyed being able to explore the concept of fractions with the cuisenaire rods.

After a day of exploring we moved onto looking at tenths and then hundredths. All the teachers were really impressed with how quickly the children made the links between the two and realised that there are ten tenths in one whole one and ten one hundredths in one tenth.


Next week we are going to be moving onto equivalent fractions and exploring what this word means. The teachers can not wait for the self discovery to continue.