Cuisenaire Rods

Year 1 have been very excited to use our new maths equipment called Cuisenaire. They are used throughout the school in all year groups to help with times tables, fractions, decimals and lots more.

Year one have been using them to help with number facts of 10 this week and explored how many ways they can make 10 using the rods.

First we explored what the Cuisenaire rods looked like and what colours they were. We all made patterns and pictures with them too. We then understood that if today, the white is  worth 1 then the orange must be 10! We made a staircase of number values.

So…as a challenge they were introduced to the ‘hungry crocodile’ that likes to eat the bigger number! The children were taught greater than and less that with the crocodiles’ mouth opening to the bigger number! Lots of fun was had!