Design and Technology (Hamlets)


Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been very busy planning and designing their very own Land of Neverbelieve Hamlets! The children have been inspired by the images from the book and have started gathering recyclables from home. They have been brilliant at bringing them in, laying them out, trying out potential designs: all in preparation to begin the construction of their groups Hamlet(s).

Using images and descriptions from the book, the children have been able to visualise what their creations will eventually look like. Working in small groups, communicating thoroughly, and compromising design ideas has been the biggest challenge facing our Year 6 children as they lead up to the big build!


As you can see, the children have been working incredibly hard to try and put their ideas down onto paper. This has created much excitement in the lead up to getting hands on with the resources. We can’t wait to begin and then share with you how they turn out before half term.