Digesting our influences

Year 6 have had a marvellous week back in school and have totally embraced their learning. It has been wonderful to see how motivated and dedicated the children have been towards their learning. All of the staff have commented on how well they have adapted in just a few days.

In English, the children have been learning how to construct a formal letter in support of Marcus Rashord and his campaign for Free School Meals. We have continued to read ‘Skellig’ and the children seem to be thoroughly enjoying the extraordinary journey that Michael and Mina find themselves on. Whilst in Maths we have been revisiting the four operations in order to increase confidence. Some of the children have excelled and have pushed themselves to complete some tricky problem solving equations.

During our topic lessons, Year 6 have been investigating the digestive system for science and positive influences for RE. For science the children were asked to explore and present the journey of food as it enters the human body. We read some informative text, watched two videos, one of which was an experiment demonstrating how food is broken down and digested from beginning to end! The facial expressions and reactions from the children were rather amusing to say the least!


For our RE lesson we discussed how people in our lives can have influences on our own behaviour. We talked about friends, family, adults in a position of authority and famous individuals that we might be aware of. The children then identified an adult in their life that they feel has had a positive influence.