Discovering Dictionaries!

Year 2 have been learning how to use dictionaries in our English lessons this week. We practised our alphabet song to help us to work out whether words beginning with each letter would be at the beginning, middle or end of the dictionary.

We were set challenges to find the meaning of words with our talk partners. We had to use our alphabet knowledge to find the word in the dictionary and could earn a Rainbow Point by reading the definition of the word to the class. We found using the dictionaries really interesting and loved working together to find the words. One of the children in 2KB described the dictionaries as, “Like Google in a book!”.

We were very excited to find out that we were each going to have our very own spelling dictionary to use in school!

We practised finding words in our new dictionaries and spelling them correctly, which we really enjoyed.


We love our new dictionaries and will be using them to help us spell words correctly in our writing.

We were also very pleased when we discovered that our times tables are printed on the back cover of our dictionaries!