DT day!

Year 6 have recently completed a very active and engaging DT day, as part of the ‘Land of Neverbelieve’ topic. In this topic, the children have read and written about a mythical island, which included describing the hamlet that existed at the heart of the Land of Neverbelieve. Their task in DT was to design and create a roof for one of these exotic and colourful hamlets.

Initially, the children had to study the existing hamlets from the text and analyse the shape and colours of the roof. They were then able to use these to shape their own roof designs, and begin to sketch out their ideas. In groups, the children decided on the most effective and impressive design, carefully considering the materials they would need and the logistics behind creating one of these roofs. They collected their cereal, tissue, shoe and chocolate boxes and started to piece the puzzle together.

At the end of this stage, each group had finalised a design, and resourced their materials. Ready to go. Ready to create!


The actual DT day was a hive of glitter, glue and creativity, and we think the children really enjoyed creating their masterpieces. After a brief consultation period, the children began to make a prototype of their roof to fit onto their designs from paper. They then used this to adjust their sizes, initial measurements and reflect on their original design. One or two groups decided at this stage to change their original design!

They then created their roof from card, using their prototype. By about breaktime, they had a solid structure in place! The final stage was the decoration stage…. This involved copious amounts of felt, coloured paper, card, beads, glitter, fur, lollipop sticks, sweat and tears, but eventually their designs were complete. It was excellent seeing how proud the children were of their designs, and seeing them work as a team to overcome several problems throughout the day. Finally, they reflected on their experience and made suggestions for any future improvements.