Enjoying our Year 3 Reading

Year 3 are enjoying reading 4 picture books this half term.

One of our books is Into the Forest, by Anthony Browne. Anthony Browne enjoys telling so much of his stories through the illustrations, as well the words written. This is an exciting tale about a boy who ventures into a forest and meets lots of storybook characters along his journey.


Flood is another story we are enjoying reading. It tells the tale of three animals who begin by loathing one another and then face a storm together. Through the storm they learn the value of teamwork and decide to be kind to each other. A lovely moral tale!

Hurricane tells the story of two brothers and the hurricane that hits their home. The children are able to learn a lot about hurricanes through the fictional tale. As well being informative, the story is filled with imagination as the boys enjoy creating play through a tree that falls in the storm.

As part of developing their understanding, the children have ordered key events in the book, and are developing their summary skills. Asking children to summarise paragraphs is a great way for them to develop their understanding.

Our fourth book this half term is The Lost Happy Endings. This is a delightful tale about a girl who wishes every story could have a happy end, though a wicked witch wishes otherwise.

We are really enjoying our picture books and all the inference we can develop through them.