Evil Pea on the loose in Reception

Reception children came in to school to find that Evil Pea had been committing more terrible crimes, just as he did in the Supertato story!

We couldn’t let him get away with this so we made ‘Wanted’ posters so everyone knew to keep an eye out for Evil Pea at school.

“He is on the loose.”

“Can you find Evil Pea? He is small and green.”
Even Mr Lumber was looking for Evil Pea and took some Wanted posters to put up in his office.

We also made traps to try and catch Evil Pea.

Luckily, Supertato managed to escape from Evil Pea and came back to the classroom. He wanted to know all about what Evil Pea had been up to.

Supertato helped us to catch Evil Pea!

Well done Reception! Evil Pea can now be put safely back in to the freezer where he belongs. Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. Let’s hope we don’t get any more escapees…