Expert Archeologists in Year 3

This week, Year 3 have been putting all their knowledge of Roman history into practice during a visit to the Dorset County Museum.

The children began the day with a visit from a real archaeologist. They learnt that the museum had found a Roman street behind the building. We were lucky enough to join the team and excavate the Roman streets and artefacts found.

After an exciting beginning, the children were then split into groups to engage in three fun activities. One of the activities included studying a 2000 year old mosaic. The children were able to look, touch and even smell the mosaic. After learning about how they were made, the children were able to do some floor rubbings.

Another exciting activity included learning about two skeletons found at the base of maiden castle. The children investigated why the skeleton was found with injuries and damage to the bones. They then looked at the weapons used during battles before drawing their favourite.

With excitement flowing, the children then got the opportunity to become archaeologists. They used tools to find Roman artifacts and sorted them between Roman artifacts and other types of resources.

The children showed fantastic aspiration, respect and belonging during their time in Dorchester. It was clearly a lot of fun!