Fabulous 4s!

Year 4 have been hard at work this week and have produced some amazing work. We are so proud of the activities they have been trying and succeeding at.Many of our Year 4 children have been becoming ‘master chefs’ this week and creating some excellent food in the kitchen. Here is Alfie, Rylee, Eloisa, Tayo, Poppy B, Amelia and Sam with some of there creations.



In addition, to working on their culinary skills, some of the Year 4 children have been becoming ‘mad scientists’ and performing science experiments at home.


Finally, our Year 4 children have been busy reading some of their favourite books and writing book reviews to share with family and friends. It is great to see them reading a variety of books and developing a love of reading.


Well done Year 4! Keep it up and keep smiling!