Fantastic Beasties

Year 2 have been looking at minibeasts for our art topic and have been exploring different ways to represent and draw them. We have used collage to create our very own version of the creepy crawlies you can find around the world.

Firstly, we watched a video that showed mini beasts from all over the world and we were so shocked with the beautiful colours that they were! Who knew that snails could have pink in their shells. Using our new found colour mixing skills that we have been focusing on recently, we painted lots of different colours onto paper to make a mini beast collage. Our next job was to create some shapes that we could collage into a mini beast shape. We thought about the different parts of an insect such as lots of legs, antennas and body shape.


All of our mini beasts were so different! Some had round body’s whilst others had long wibbly bodies. Some had lots and lots of legs whilst other had only a few. We all had so much fun creating our mini beast shapes!