Fantastic Farmers!

On Thursday 4th April Year 1 visited Farmer Palmers. It was a rather rainy day so we had to wrap up warm and dry! We had to travel on a big coach but luckily the journey wasn’t very long. When we got there, we put our lunches in the lunch room and then went off exploring. We saw a cow and some Shetland ponies which were very cute!

We got to hold and stroke a guinea pig. They sat on our laps and were really fluffy.


Next, we watched a mummy pig and her baby piglets have their breakfast. They were so noisy and loved running around.

Soon after, lots of lambs came in and we were able to feed them milk from a bottle. The lambs were very sweet and very hungry!

After that we went for a walk around the outside pens and saw lots of chickens, turkeys and ducks. We even saw a rhia which was a bit like a small ostrich.Later on we went on the mini tractors. We had fun trying to go up and over the ramp but sometimes we needed a bit of a push!

Then we went and ate our lunch. It was super yummy.In the afternoon we played in the straw barn. There were big bales of straw we could climb up and then big slides to zoom down! It was so much fun, we loved it!

After that we went and feed the goats. We were given special goat food and the goats game and ate it out of our hands. It really tickled!

The last activity of the day was going to the milking parlour. We got to meet the real Farmer Palmer and he showed us how cows are milked using a special machine. The cow was called Mandy and we got to stroke her on our way out.

We then had to get back on the coach to go back to school. We had a brilliant day and loved seeing all the animals!