Reception children have been exploring Bonfire Night  and Diwali celebrations. We talked about how some people celebrate these. The children have been using a variety of media to create firework art. They thoroughly enjoyed creating colourful paintings using different techniques.

Cotton buds, cardboard tubes, sponges and brushes were used as the children created their fabulous firework pictures using paint.

Cuisenaire was also used. Children used good control using the pieces and carefully placing them in a firework formation.


Children talked about their own experiences of fireworks. ” We go to watch fireworks. I like the ones that are sparkly.”

The classes all worked very hard to use their phonic knowledge to write about Bonfire Night. They were able to talk about fireworks and label the pictures.

Diwali – Festival of Lights  was also explored. We found out about how some Hindu people celebrate a special occasion around this time of year. Children created Rangoli patterns using chalks and used their expert fine motor skills to make their own interpretations of Mehndi painted hands.

It was a lovely creative week!  The children even collaborated to create firework music using their voices. Together they created a musical firework display with their voices, full of pops and bangs!