First Annual Kingsleigh Highland Games

Our topic this half term is looking at the Saxons and Scots and when they invaded Great Britain. On Monday, we held our very first Kingsleigh Highland Games between the four Year 4 clans – Clan 4CA, Clan 4AM, Clan 4JP and Clan 4CK. We took part in numerous challenges that tested our knowledge, strength and aim (all things the Saxons and Scots needed during their many wars).

The sun was shining for our first highland games. Our challenges included the hammer throw, caber tossing (javelin) and the tug’o’war. To test our knowledge we took part in the timeline challenge and a Saxon quiz. We were very impressed with some of the knowledge already known by many of the children. It is safe to say there was competitiveness in the air from each of the Clans and their leaders! We practised our best Saxon power poses and our war cries to scare away the opposition.

Year 4 demonstrated great teamwork skills and as teachers we observed some brilliant sportsmanship. Each child gave it their all, but Clan 4JP were the overall winners with 145 points!