Food Glorious Food!

We have been enjoying our food topic for the last few weeks. There are many great stories with food in them so it was hard just choosing a few. One of the favourites was The Gingerbread Man. We read lots of different versions of the story. Sometimes the Gingerbread Man escaped and sometimes he didn’t! The children came up with the idea of making a bridge for the Gingerbread Man so he can always escape! One of the activities we did was decorating a gingerbread man biscuit and eating it of course!


Another book we enjoyed was Oliver’s Vegetables. We know vegetables are healthy and good for us and we wanted to find a good way to eat them so we made vegetable pizzas! We went over to the main school and used the kitchen in the big hall.

We had a tortilla base and added our own toppings.

Mrs Randall then put the pizzas in the oven to cook and after only a few minutes the pizzas were ready! They were very hot and very delicious!