Fractions Frenzy!

This week in year 4, we have been learning all about fractions! We have used Cuisenaire rods to explore different fractions and to understand that fractions are an equal part of a whole. For example, we discovered that if the red rod was 1, the white rod would represent one half or one out of two equal parts. The light green rod would represent one whole and one half. The purple rod would be 2 whole ones and the dark green would be 3 whole ones.

We also used the rods to find that there are 10 tenths in one whole and 100 hundredths in one whole. We also learnt how to write one tenth and one hundredth as decimals.

The children have been fraction superstars this week and it has been fabulous seeing them explore fractions using the rods and start to show a brilliant understanding of fractions. They have also shown some fantastic pair and teamwork skills. Well done, year 4!