French in Year 5

This term in French we have been learning about the weather. We have learnt how to ask what the weather is like and have come up with a range of responses such as ‘Il fait beau’ or ‘Il y a du soleil’. The children have also been challenging themselves by including extra words like today (aujourd’hui), a little (un peu) and very (tres). By the end of last half term we were able to give a weather report for different cities in the UK!

Then we moved onto directions. We are now able to ask for directions and tell somebody whether to go left, right or straight on in French!


When learning how to give directions, we did an interesting virtual tour of Paris and were able to point out many famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. We then made comparisons to the UK and London, noting that France is far larger but has a smaller population! We found both countries on the globe and discussed the various ways we might travel to France from the UK, such as via the Eurotunnel, on the ferry or a flight.