From Kingsleigh With Love…..Year 6 Secret Spies!



Last week, year 6 were secret spies and we were set a special mission from agent Millar007!

We had to create our very own unique gadget and write a persuasive text, persuading people to buy it.

First of all, we watched a video clip from the film, ‘Stormbreaker’. This film is  about a young, teenage boy  who becomes a spy. The clip we were asked to watch,  was when Alex went into a secret part of a toy shop and collected his gadgets for his mission. After this clip, we looked at features found in a persuasive text.

We were then asked to share our gadget ideas.

After we had decided which idea we wanted to use for our own gadget, we planned our persuasive write, jotting down our gadget features.

Here are some of our plans we designed.


Mrs Millar was really impressed with our extraordinary  ideas!

Here is a list of some of our very own gadgets :

Jelly Babies


Parachute Backpack

Magic Rubik’s Cube

Magnified Magnets

Lazor Cookies

On Wednesday,  we began our persuasive write by writing our introduction .

We had to include at least one rhetorical question and introduce our gadget, using persuasive vocabulary.

Here are some of our introductions:


Next, was the exciting part where we got to explain our gadget features.  We were able to use our imaginations and make our gadget do anything we wanted; we had to really think about what would help us become the very best spy!

Also we included a special, bonus feature to really try and persuade our reader that our gadget was essential for all spies.


On Friday, we  wrote our conclusions, where we told the reader what the most important reasons for buying our gadget were.  Plus, we told the reader where they could buy this incredible device from and who recommended it!




Mrs Millar was really pleased with the work that was produced this week !