Fruit Pinch Pots in Year 6

This week in Year 6 we continued our work in Art and started making clay pots inspired by fruit! The children began their work by discussing and evaluating pottery from the ages. They discovered how pottery originated over 9000 years ago and was initially designed as a means of transporting food and water. From there, we explored how pottery has become an art form over time and why we often call pottery China – because the Chinese were master potters.

Following our discussion of pottery, we began to practice our line drawing skills – capturing the textures and patterns of a selection of fruits. We then used water colours to replicate the colours and shades of our fruits.

Next, we began work on our clay pots. We used our hands to mould our clay into the shape of the fruit that we had selected, before adding a handle and using a selection of clay tools to perfect our designs. After this, we replicated the texture and detail of our fruits on our pots using cocktail sticks.

The final designs were brilliant. We will now wait 4 weeks until the clay has completely dried before sending them to the kiln for an initial firing before painting our designs and firing again.