Fun at the fairground

Year 6 have been busy this half term creating a fairground ride in Design Technology. The children had to choose either a Ferris wheel or carousel to create within their groups. As an added twist, the children needed to create an electrical circuit to power their fairground wheel, using their knowledge of electrical circuits and components from this term’s Science lessons.


After deciding which model they wanted to design, they planned their creation and resourced certain materials. Some children were really organised, bringing in materials from home for their design. After designing their actual model, the children sketched out the electrical circuit they were going to include.

It was a tricky task that required a lot of patience and perseverance! The circuits didn’t always work, the glue gun was sometimes too hot and things didn’t always balance properly….. But in the end, the children had created a really attractive collection of fairground rides which turned with the flick of a switch! Well done year 6!