G’day from Year 1

Year 1 have been exploring life in Australia this half term and had great fun learning on our ‘Australia Day’. The children were invited to dress as ‘Australian as possible’ and they did not disappoint. Making special appearances were icons such as Steve Irwin, a wide range of animals and sporting stars too.

The children took part in different activities to celebrate different parts of Australian life. Creating boomerang art allowed the children to celebrate Aboriginal culture and understand a different way of life for some Australians. 

We also took part in two ‘Bushtucker’ trials to understand what life might be like in the Australian outback. First up was our mystery boxes, filled with mystery creatures and other surprises too. Bravery was the key here and the children did not let us down.

Our next trial was ‘The Eating Challenge!’ Everyone was either very excited or very nervous about this one. On the menu were: roasted crickets, roasted mealworms, ‘kangaroo eyes’, ‘koala poo,’ ‘koala tongues’ and a ‘blended critter shake’. The children tried really hard to push themselves to try as many delicacies as possible! We were so proud of their bravery in this task!

We also made Anzac Biscuits to help understand life in Australia during WW1. The children understood why the biscuits were created and why Australians continue to make them today.

The children loved the day and have lots of fun too!