Gifted and Talented Art visit Arts University, Bournemouth

Kingsleigh’s KS2 Art club was invited to visit the Arts University to take part in a workshop centred around Dazzle and the Art of Defence, the University’s current display. Once we arrived we were introduced to the very friendly workshop leaders and made to feel very welcome. It was explained that the artwork all centred around the Dazzle pattern originally created by artist Norman Wilkinson.

After that, we were encouraged to look carefully are the exhibition, which was made up of paintings, posters, clothing, sculptures and sound installations, and select designs or parts of them to copy. We were then asked to think about the colours that were used and why they might have been appropriate during the First World War for the designs of naval ships. We decided that they could possibly confuse the enemy so that they would not know what part was the ship and what was the sea. In the end we all agreed that the designs were very jazzy and exciting.


Next, we were given a range of ships and were challenged to create our own Dazzle design, based on the patterns we had previously collected. We used a limited range of colours to shade the ships and ultimately, we produced a fleet of our own dazzle ships. Well done, Art Club – another fantastic trip!