Goldilocks and The Three Bears

This week the children in Reception have all been having lots of fun with another traditional tale; Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have loved reading the story together and joining in with the phrases.

We had great fun retelling the story using props to help us.

Children had the opportunity to create their own masks for the story telling too. They used paint and paper to create their own character masks.

Children have also been making their own recreations of the story using small world play and art.

We worked hard to talk about and compare the sizes of the bowls, beds and chairs. Children looked carefully at the size of bowls, cups and spoons to carefully lay the table for the bears.

We explored how much porridge it would take to fill different sized containers too. We had great fun using the porridge!


We loved storytelling and learning through Goldilocks and the Three Bears! I wonder which story we will be reading next week?