Goodbye 2018-2019

As another school year ends, we all look forward to the summer break but it is also a time for looking back and reflecting on the school year just gone; and what a year it has been for Kingsleigh.

We started back in September with another fantastic arts week and the school has been adorned with the fantastic work the children created all year.

We celebrated our 50 Year anniversary with much merriment and fun and loved showing guests around to see the wonderful work that the children had made to celebrate this important milestone in the school’s history.

Once again, the school has continued to grow in size this year and we are now an even larger family.  Our children have worked hard and made great progress again this year.

We have once again enjoyed great sporting success from swimming galas to football tournaments to sports days and athletics with some children getting through to county finals.

Of course the news of Mr Gower’s retirement was a significant event this year and left us all feeling sad about the thought of our school without him but like the great man himself said, ‘Kingsleigh is a family, a big, strong family and nothing can break that:  Kingsleigh will go on from strength to strength.’  We are excited to enter a new leg of the school’s journey and are sure there are exciting times ahead as Mr Lumber joins us in September.

A special mention to our Year 6 children who are also moving on to new chapters in their lives.  We are proud of each and every one of you and know that you can all go on to be great and not just good.  ‘Just take a leap of faith and JUMP!’

We would like to thank all of the families and friends of the school for their support as always.  We wish you all a restful and safe summer and we look forward to lots of new adventures and memories being made in the new academic year.

Happy summer from us all here at Kingsleigh!