Over the last few weeks, the Year 6 children have been working really hard to write their very own children’s story book.  Their stories were based on the book, Gorilla by Anthony Browne.

Over the weeks, the children had to show lots of different writing skills.  They had to include vivid descriptions to bring their writing to life. They were challenged to include speech to move their stories on.  They also had to try and move their audience by using emotive language.

The Year 6 staff were so impressed with their writing that they decided their stories had to be heard by a real audience.

One morning, Year 6 visited Year 1 to read their stories to the children.  They practised using intonation and expression because we knew that our audiences were not going to be easily impressed!

Year 6 really enjoyed having the chance to read their stories to a real audience.  The Year 1 children were very excited to hear the stories and it was a really nice way to show our value of belonging by sharing work betweeen some of the youngest and oldest pupils of our school community.

We are quite sure this won’t be the last story some of our Year Sixes write and perform to audiences!