Graphs and Charts

The last couple of weeks has seen Year 6 investigate graphs and charts during their Maths lessons. Collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting data are a few of the challenges that the children have enjoyed conquering. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm and intrigue on the children’s faces during this time. Understanding the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ has really motivated Year 6 in their quest to solve these mathematical problems. Linking maths to real life problems has enabled each class to work out averages (mode, median, mean and the range) gained from breaking down the data collected/provided.

Year 6 enjoyed learning about bar charts and pictograms. They had the opportunity to interpret the data and answer challenging questions surrounding both of these areas. The children were also able to complete bar charts after being given extra data to add to existing charts.

The children  seemed to thoroughly enjoy writing a journey from a line graph. They were given three separate line graphs and then asked to tell the reader what had happened in each. Examples were; a lorry drivers journey, running a bath and the growth of a child’s height. Using the X and Y axis, Year 6 were able to clearly describe what was happening at each point.

Pie charts were also investigated in great detail. The children had to use their previous knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to confidently interpret data from this unique style of chart. This was a challenge for some of our Year 6’s, but one that they positively accepted. Everyone tried their very best, and many found success when answering some difficult questions.

Finally, complex line graphs were introduced as one of our super challenges. These were presented with more than one line and a key explaining their individual meanings. This was another challenge for the children, but one that they aspired to completing.