Grease is the Word.

There are many moments in a school year that fill a teacher’s heart with pride and inspire a school community and last night’s performance of Grease was certainly one of those times.

Minutes before the children were to go on stage, there was an accident outside the school injuring Danny, our leading man.  Of course our main concern was his wellbeing and once we knew that he was OK we faced the dilemma in front of us; cancel or ask someone who had never played the role (or sung the solos) to step up!

We spoke to the T birds and after a little chat Alfie said, “Ryan is my mate, he would want the show to go on so I will do it for him.”  I think if one sentence ever summed up a school’s spirit this is Kingsleigh’s. Aidan then stepped into Alfie’s role and Erfan, Tyler and Oliver agreed to support and fill in lines as they went and we made a decision that the show must go on!

The cast were AMAZING and all staff were overwhelmingly proud of every single child that took to the stage.  To watch them support and help each other in front of an audience of over 120 people was truly inspirational. It was a real show of all of our school values being shown in the most incredible way possible.

The dancers and singers were also amazing.  The production of Grease was always a team effort and needed every single member of the Year 6 team to pull together and the children there last night certainly did that.

A massive thank you to those parents that have supported us as well.  To put on a production requires a huge amount of time and effort and we really appreciate the thanks we have had from our lovely supportive parents.  Members of staff have given up their time to make costumes, props and stay late which we will always do for our children and last night it made all the effort more than worthwhile!