Grease… the progress so far!

The Year 6 children have been working hard in their rehearsals for Grease. With only a week to go, they have made some good progress with their acting and singing skills, and slowly it is starting to come together! The actors have really improved, transforming from timid, shy children, to very talented actors. They have really taken on board the feedback and have paid close attention to their character’s personality.

The main characters have been working on their lines at home and in the classrooms at lunch time, and they have shown great commitment- we have been really impressed so far. The children are currently trying to perfect their moves for the ‘High School Dance’ routine, requiring expert choreography from Mrs Millar!

Behind the scenes, the children have been busy making the background scenery and decorations, an essential part of the performance process! We are really looking forward to the production and hope the children will enjoy their final hurrah!