Greek playscripts

The final two weeks of the first half term proved to be very exciting for Year 5.  As part of our Greek learning, each class learnt a different Greek myth and then wrote a playscript for it.


Firstly, we looked at various playscripts and identified the features.  The next stage of the writing process involved planning our own playscripts: we had to think not just about the dialogue but also how the speakers would say their lines and what actions they would be doing (these became our stage directions for voice and action).  We discovered that playwrights have quite a lot to think about!










After we had planned our playscripts, we worked in pairs to write a scene from our Greek myth.














The final (and most fun) part was acting out our playscript and filming it in front of a green screen.  You can see our final creations on our you tube channel – enjoy!