History Exhibition

As you will all be aware, this is a very exciting year for Kingsleigh Primary School as it celebrates 50 years birthday! The school thought long and hard about the best way to celebrate this very important milestone and decided that some sort of exhibition would be the best way.

Working alongside students from Bournemouth University, a working party came up with the idea of looking at changes that have occurred over the last fifty years.  The focus has been on things that the children can relate to from toys and games to television programmes, food and technology.

Over the last half term each year group has chosen a different topic to focus on.  They enjoyed researching and finding out about the different areas and some of these were celebrated in an outcome week at school.  Year 5 looked at how fashion had changed over the last five decades and the school were treated to a fashion show where they came dressed in clothes popular at some point throughout this era.

Each year group also produced work that was collated to become the main exhibition in the small hall.  We hope that many of you were able to come in and enjoy the incredible work that was produced.