History in Year 5

In year 5 this term, we have been looking at the Ancient Greeks! We have explored and compared the lifestyles of the Spartans and the Athenians, noticing the many differences such as the role of women and the Spartan’s views on war and fighting. We have also learnt about the origins of the Olympics and noted how there are still some similarities to our Olympics today as well as a lot of differences! We learnt that the Olympics originated in Olympia, Greece, which is how it got it’s name. Only men were allowed to watch and compete in the Olympics and there were only 10 sports, compared to our 35 today!

Pictured here are some images of children’s work. Picture 1 shows some answers to some RIC style questions that we did as an introduction to the Ancient Greeks. The children were shocked to find out the status that women had in Ancient Greece at that time and we were able to have great debates about the role of women then, compared to today!
The other two pictures are a comparison between the Ancient Greek Olympic Games and our modern day Olympic Games. Note that they competed bare foot!

We will be having a Greek themed day on 29th September, during which we will be making some Greek theatre masks, acting in some role-play scenarios, learning about Archimedes’ screw and competing in a Greek-style Olympic games! We can’t wait!

The home-learning task for Year 5 this half term is to create a fact-file of a Greek God/ Goddess(es) of your choice! If you haven’t done this already we would love to see what you can create at home!