Home Learning: Year 5’s First Days

This week, we have begun our new adventure of learning from home! All our teachers are so proud of how we have risen to the challenge and have seen how much exciting home learning we have accomplished! Our teachers have had messages about a huge variety of things. Here are some of the highlights…

One of our challenges set by Mrs Watson this week was to create a model of the Parthenon out of our recycling. You can see we have been working really hard at this and clearly we have some budding architects and engineers in our year group!

Mrs Thorpe set the challenge of creating our own comic strip based on the legend of Hercules. We were able to show our flair for creativity and artistic skills (as well as our awesome imaginations too!) Well done!

Some of us even went beyond our home learning challenges and pushed ourselves to study other subjects. This picture of the parts of a flower was beautifully coloured in. What incredible aspiration!

Clearly we are a year group of super spellers – look at this high score!Here is another example of our amazing writing. Our teachers are so proud of how much we are showing our love of learning and are honing and practising our skills at home – well done!

Keep up the hard work Year 5 and keep sending in your home learning! We have had messages and emails about all the different things you have been up to. Us teachers are getting ready for our next fitness session with Joe Wicks, then we’ll be on to completing some Maths!