Incredible Home Learning from Year 4

Year 4 are learning about Ancient Egyptians this term. The children were set the task to create their own fact cards. It has been great to see how creative the children have been with their fact cards and how much there is to uncover about the lives and society of Ancient Egyptians.


Here are some of the facts found out;

  • A Pharaoh was the leader or the King of Ancient Egypt.
  • many Gods and Goddesses were worshiped such as;  Ra, the creator of the world and Bes, the God of childbirth and evil influences.
  • After death, the body was to be preserved to ensure a happy after life.
  • Astonishing civilisation was created, which lasted over 3000 years.


Take a look at the different ways the fact cards have been presented. I know you will be impressed because we were.