Incredible Inventions

The Year 2 children arrived back into school and were immediately transported into the corridor of Incredible Inventions. They had time to explore inventions and creations of the past, including sewing machines, view-masters and a Playstation One! The children could carefully explore and handle these relics of the past, as they tried to work out what they were used for and why they were so significant at the time. The teachers particularly enjoyed seeing some gadgets that were either treasured childhood memories or items they were still using!

The children asked really interesting questions and tried to work out for themselves what each invention was for. The old game consoles proved a huge hit as you can imagine! Despite their excitement and eagerness, they were all really careful in how they handled the objects and were very respectful.


Each class had the chance to look through the corridor in their separate bubbles, before stumbling across an unfinished invention… They found a broken invention with some existing blue prints. The children spent some time in their rooms unpicking the blue prints and trying to piece together what it might have looked like. They will use this as part of their DT project this half term, as they try and recreate (and even improve) existing designs.


Following this, the Year 2 children have been learning a text map about a young boy and his father who enjoyed creating machines. They have been practising different actions as they try to memorise the text map and eventually write their own version of the story, following the same structure. We have also been looking at the different emotions each character may have felt in the story, developing an emotions graph and building on our vocabulary. We are really keen to see how their writing develops. Well done Year 2 on such a positive start to being back in school.