Internal Monologue – Replay

Year 6 had another superb week in school as we approached the Easter break.  They were fully committed to writing their internal monologues, inspired by a short subtitled film called ‘Replay’. It was great to see the children adapt from formal to informal writing so well within a short period of time. The children quickly learnt how to put themselves into another person’s situation, how to show empathy, and how to understand the conversations we have as humans within our own minds. This was all portrayed brilliantly within their writing.

We began our journey by selecting a particular scene from the film. The children had to focus on what the characters might be thinking to themselves based on two pictures we provided from the film.

Once grasped, Year 6 were able to plan three paragraphs to base their internal monologue on. Again, using pictures from particular scenes, and this time taking on the personality and thoughts of elder sibling Lana.

Planning complete, the children constructed their three paragraphs using their previous planning. Below are two examples of how well the children were able to do this.

Having given class feedback, the children went about identifying common misconceptions within their writing. This was an extremely powerful tool. It enabled independent learning to flourish and for the children to see for themselves how to further develop.

It was so good to see how motivated the children remained towards the end of this half term, the dedication and determination to succeed and improve was clear to see. We are so proud of how well Year 6 have embraced their learning in all areas since their return. We look forward to sharing many more examples as we enter the Summer term. Well done Year 6, you are doing amazingly well!