It’s all about tactics!

This half term, half of Year 6 have been learning new indoor games such as ‘Yoshi’ and ‘Swamp-ball’. This has involved cones, bean bags, bibs and sponge balls, but more importantly, tactics! After an initial run around where the children got used to the general rules and dynamics of the games, we started to introduce new rules and really develop the children’s tactics.

For example, in ‘Yoshi’, the children have to run across the half way line and make it to the opposition’s box to reach safety. They can be tagged and must remain stuck, until freed by a team mate. To save a team mate, the children must risk their own safety by crossing the line or leaving their place in the opposition box. The winners were the team who managed to get everyone across before the end.

Initially, there were a lot of heated arguments and debates across court, before they settled down into a routine. The rest of the year group have this to come after the holidays, so without revealing too much, the children soon realised they needed to work in pairs to dash across the line and ensure they didn’t leave it too late to make it to the opposition box!

We really enjoyed teaching different tactical games to the children, and watching them develop. Good luck to the rest of the year group participating in this next half term!