Kingsleigh Football Round-up!

Over the last week, our Year 6 Football Teams ( girls and boys) have been busy playing in the annual AFCB Tournaments and the County Finals.


Last Tuesday morning, the girls’ team played in the AFCB tournament at the Littledown Centre. They started well and scored within the first minute! This was set up from a powerful cross by Olivia. The girls played well and gave 100% throughout all their matches but they just couldn’t get a final win in order to qualify in their group. Mr Bainton stated how the girls worked so hard as a team. He also acknowledged how well they continuously support and encourage one another in every match, demonstrating all three of our school values. He also mentioned Alisha, who managed to score 5 goals in this tournament alone! She has now scored over 20 goals this season – Well done Alisha – an incredible achievement!

This is not the end for this team though as next Tuesday 4th February they play their final league match against their league rivals, Christ of King.  If the girls win this match, they will have won the league and a place in the Town Finals. We wish them the very best of luck!

On Wednesday, it was the boys turn!  After a slow start, the boys upped their game and managed to win all four matches in their group. This was an amazing effort and they earned a  well-deserved place in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the final was not meant to be though as Kingsleigh lost 2-1 . Mr Bainton and Mr Evans were extremely proud of the boys as they fought to the bitter end and did not give up.  A  special mention to Zac and Aidan from year 5, who stepped up, playing in the year 6 team.



The boys travelled back to the Littledown Centre the very next day for the County Finals! The boys qualified for the finals as they had come 2nd place in the Predator Tournament, before Christmas.   They managed to win 1 game in their group which was fantastic as the standard was high! However, they did not make it to the semi-finals. Mr Bainton said he could not  have asked anymore from this team; their performance was outstanding!