KS2 Sports Day

The rain had stopped, the severe weather warning had been lifted, the sun was shining; it could mean only one thing, Key Stage 2 Sports day!  Just after 9.00am the houses congregated outside the year 3 classrooms for Wake and Shake!  Olivia and Alfie did a brilliant job of supporting Mrs Millar with a brand new routine and all the children were soon warmed up and ready for the competition.

As has become a Kingsleigh tradition, the next job was for the Houses to do their lap of honour around the field waving their house banners with pride.

Then, it was time for the main event.  Children worked in their house teams to rotate around a series of events.

Each event had a scoring system that allowed the children to collect points that were added towards their House total.

Events ranged from beanbag target to penalty shoot-out and from obstacle courses to bowling.

There was even a fishing event!

All of the children were brilliant and worked really well as a team and supporting each other.

Following that, the competitive races took place.

Each House had held heats between any children that wanted to take part and the fastest from each year group were put into the race.

Everyone did a fantastic job and the other children made a great, supportive crowd.

The final event was the usual staff race, although this year with a bit of a twist!  As we all now our esteemed leader is retiring at the end of this term so it seemed only right that the race this year would be to dress in items that remind you of Mr Gower!  We think they got it spot on.

Finally, at the end of the morning, the winners were announced and Green Lizards were in the lead! Of course this is only half the story as the KS2 results will be added to the KS1 results at the end of today to give an overall winner!

Well done everyone, another fantastic Kingsleigh morning showing all our values; Rizzy and Astro would be very proud!