Let’s Celebrate!

Reception’s second half term at school has started with a bang, learning all about fireworks and Diwali. Our learning has been linked to a different celebration each week and we can’t wait to make a start on birthdays and then Christmas!

We enjoyed getting messy with the paints to create some bright and colourful firework pictures.

We talked about the sounds fireworks made and even got the instruments out to make the sounds!

We have also been learning about the Festival of Lights, Diwali. The children have been creating beautiful Rangoli patterns with the chunky chalks outside, which is great for our fine motor skills and creativity.

We learnt a new style of dance called Bhangra and the children have loved practising it, copying the moves from dancers on the whiteboard.

The clay has also made an appearance and the children have been working hard to create a nice surprise for their grown-ups. You’ll have to wait and see what they bring home for you…