Little Red Riding Hood

In preschool, we have been enjoying the story Little Red Riding Hood. We learnt about the characters and the setting of the story. Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her grandma, who lives in a cottage in the woods. This is where the story is set.

She took a basket of treats for grandma to cheer her up. One of the challenges the children were given was to create their very own basket to take to grandma’s house. The children did such a good job. There were all sorts of patterns and shapes used to decorate the baskets which made them look very colourful!

The next challenge the children were given was to make one of the characters- The Big Bad Wolf! Mrs Cartwright showed the children how to make the wolf using a paper plate. We saw some fantastic (and scary) wolves!

We also found out there are lots of different endings to the story. Sometimes the wolf got chased away by the woodcutter and sometimes he got chopped up! If you have the book at home, what happens at the end of your story?