London is Burning! Fire! Fire!

Year 2 have been writing questions about the Great Fire of London and we got the opportunity to ask these questions during a hotseating activity. ‘Samuel Pepys’ came to visit us and answered our questions about how the fire started, what it was like to witness the fire and what happened in the aftermath of the fire. He told us how he had witnessed how quickly the fire was spreading across London and realised action needed to be taken to stop the fire from destroying the whole city.

We then worked in small groups to act out scenarios from the story of the Great Fire of London that we have been learning about.

We acted out passing water in leather buckets to put the fire out.

We acted out the maid seeing the fire from the window and waking up Samual Pepys to warn him.

We acted out Samual Pepys visiting King Charles and the Duke of York to tell them that something needed to be done to stop the fire spreading further and the King ordering that gun powder should be used to create a fire break.

We acted out Thomas Farynor and his family escaping from the bakery though an upstairs window on to the roof.

We really enjoyed using drama to explore how these events would have impacted the lives of people living in London at that time.